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This or That, October 2021 – March 2022

Our this or that polls are enjoyable way to present two distinct but similar options that those building with Cypress may encounter.  While we typically agree that most of these selections require one to know the remainder of the selections of the home, it is still fun and helpful to examine the common choices we typically see in the field. We highly encourage you to enjoy and participate in these polls and read about our other polls that we share on our social media accounts.

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We covered a broad amount of topics over the past six months of our this/that polls, including:

  • Stained versus painted sliding barn doors
  • Different front exteriors of our Cottonridge model
  • Powder room vanity sink styles
  • Different covered porch beam stains
  • Choices among metal stair rails
  • Master bathroom vanity selections
  • 2-story fireplace & TV concepts
  • Hearth room beam designs
  • LVP or carpet in the great room
  • Height of shiplap along the toilet wall of the powder room
  • Clear versus frosted glass in the master shower
  • Stained versus painted front doors
  • Corner kitchen cabinet ideas
  • A utility sink or more counter space in the laundry room
  • Pocket office versus a larger office
  • HBAFC parade home master bathroom design
  • Stone or shiplap fireplaces
  • Mudroom locker-system choices 

The preferred choices can be seen below in the pictures. 

Both great options, but THAT won here. 


Similar but different fronts on our Cottonridge, with THAT chosen here. 

cottonridge fronts

Powder room vanity choices, with the undermount THAT winning here.

vessel vs undermount

Subtle variations in stain color on the front porch, with the slightly darker THAT the winner.

column Stains (11_1)

A modern approach and a classic approach, with THAT chosen here as the favorite.

metal stairs

Different vanity concepts, with THIS having a few more votes.

master vanity

With THAT, a TV over the fireplace versus off to the side was more preferred.

tv location

Although subtle in difference, the darker style faux wood beams won here with THIS.


Often dependent on how one plans to use the space practically, LVP over carpet (THAT) was preferred here.

carpet vs LVP

Shiplap in a small space, such as a powder room, helps add style and character,

with the full-height shiplap of THAT the preferred design here. 


The clear choice here was THAT of the clear shower door/panel.

shower door

A stained front door, THAT, was selected over the painted style.

front door

Corner cabinet styles in the kitchen have evolved to bring more ideas than just a rotating-tray approach. Here, a triple-stacked cabinet custom to the space, THAT, was chosen over the more familiar approach.

corner shelving

Those partaking in this poll stated that they love their laundry-room sink, THIS, and couldn't do without.

LR sink or no sink

Dependent upon what your needs are, a pocket office, (THIS) was preferred over a larger office.

OR (12)

The slightly more modern approach of our custom-showcase home, THAT, was preferred over the master bathroom space of our Anabelle model.  

You can read more about the custom parade home or enjoy the virtual tour, here.

parade masters

Both of these fireplaces were absolutely stunning, with THIS having a slight edge over THAT.

OR (14)

Passionate debate developed on this poll, with the more open /larger bench (THAT) approach the eventual preferred choice.


Of the Cafe' line of appliances, the black finish here of THAT was chosen over the white.

cubbie (2)

As always, those looking to build are able to and assisted with making these, and many more choices than those shown in these polls.  In our custom home design center, you'll be guided through this process as the build progresses into the home you've always imagined. 

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