Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Search using a keyword or scroll down to read all of them.

Do you build custom homes or just your models?

Certainly! Cypress Homes builds the entire spectrum – be it one of our popular models as is, tweaking a plan to suit your preferences, or going all-in on a fully custom home. We're here to lend a hand in developing your floor plans, included as part of the build with us. Let's make your dream home a reality!

How long does it take to build a new home?

The overall timeline, encompassing design, bidding, financing, permitting, and construction, can vary due to multiple factors. Specifically, the actual building process—from breaking ground to completion—typically takes around 175 days, or approximately 6 months.

Do you tear down existing homes?

Yes, indeed! We bring our experience to teardown and rebuild projects. Whether it's prompted by unforeseen events like a fire or simply your desire for a larger, upgraded home on the same lot, we're here to assist you through the entire process.

Do you have a specific price/sqft for building a new home?

Building a new, custom home has way too many variables to give a specific number for this. Factors including the style of floor plan (ranch, 1 1/2-story, or 2-story), level of finishes, included features and more can greatly change these numbers. We would need to have a conversation about what exactly you are looking for to be able to give a realistic price range.

Do you finish basements?

Yes, exclusively for our past homes. We offer to return and finish additional space for our customers in the future, maintaining the consistent look and feel of the entire home. Note: We do not finish basements for homes we did not build originally.

Do you do remodels or additions?

To the dismay of many, we don't venture into the world of remodels or additions. Cypress Homes is fortunate to concentrate exclusively on new construction projects.

How do I finance a new home?

In most cases, our build clients secure a construction loan to fund their new home projects. Occasionally, homeowners are fortunate enough to cover the project costs without the need for a lender. While Cypress Homes doesn't offer in-house financing, we've worked with numerous reputable lenders and can provide recommendations for your financial journey.

Can you build a home through the winter?

Certainly! Building during colder months requires specific precautions and additional steps, but we're seasoned in new home construction throughout Wisconsin winters – a practice we've honed since 1994. Surprisingly, there are even advantages to winter construction, such as increased availability of trade partners and materials.

How do I find land for building a new home?

Unfortunately, there's no one-stop-shop for all potential land for building a new home. Some are listed in MLS, others are in the hands of developers, and some may not even be on the market. However, Cypress can assist in your search. With our experience in acquiring land for building, we've established relationships with many land developers, enhancing our ability to find the perfect plot for your dream home.

How far do you go to build?

Generally speaking, we construct new homes within an hour radius from Appleton, WI, where our office is located.