Wondering how the new home building process works with Cypress Homes? Here is a brief breakdown of the typical steps:

Build Process 1 Initial Conversations 

Reach Out to Us

Congratulations! You've decided to consider building a new home.  Our team is ready to chat with you about your initial ideas and questions regarding building a new home.  This conversation can take place a number of ways:

1-Hour In-Person Meeting

Once we've had an initial conversation, we would love to set up an in-person meeting, either in our office or at one of our model homes, to continue the conversation and start to dig deeper into the details of making your new home a reality.  It is great to bring any information you have to this meeting regarding land, home features, and budget parameters.


Build Process 2 Design & Bidding

Plan Design

When it comes choosing a floorplan, our customers fall into three categories along the design spectrum:

  1. Build a Cypress design - Love our Amberwood model? Great we can build it just the way you saw it!
  2. Modify one or more designs - Like most of the Carabelle layout, but love the primary suite of the Edgewood? Let's make those changes!
  3. Develop a custom design - Want something one-of-a-kind, that's truly tailored to your lifestyle? We can do that too! 

When you are building with Cypress Homes, it doesn't matter which design route you choose, all drafting fees are included as part of your build.

From a timeframe perspective, choosing a Cypress model will typically save weeks (if not months) of time compared to a custom design. It's also important to note that we do not charge extra for homes just because they are "custom," however custom homes tend to lose some of the efficiencies designed into our models and often include more features that can increase the cost. 

Pre-Bid Meeting

Once the home plans are developed, its time to sit down and discuss what features and selections you are wanting to put into the home.  This is typically a lengthy meeting, often 2-3 hours, with your Cypress team member asking a wide variety of questions on what you would like to see in the home. These questions are to give our team needed insight into what you are envisioning for your new home and allow us to accurately bid the materials and finishes you would like.

Bid Review Meeting

Following the pre-bid meeting, it normally takes 2-3 weeks for the bids to be collected and reviewed. Once the Cypress team has compiled all the bids for your new home, we would meet to review the bid proposal. This again is a longer meeting, as we will review all the construction specifications for the home in detail.  The proposal will walk through the various stages of construction to give you a good understanding of how the home will be constructed and what materials will be used. 

Signing The Construction Contract

Once you've reviewed the specifications and chosen which options you would like for your new home, we are ready to sign the contract. The contract makes reference to the specifications and options, as well as the home warranty included as part of your new home.  All of this information will be reviewed and signed by you and a Cypress Homes representative. 

If you are financing the home, all of these documents will then be sent on to the lender to complete their process.

Build Process 3 Home Construction

Congratulations on choosing Cypress Homes as your builder! Let's get started on your new home.

Selections Meetings 

Soon after you have a signed construction contract we will want to set up your first selections meeting with our interior designer.  During this first meeting you will be looking to finalize your selections for the exterior of your home (siding, roofing, windows, exterior doors, etc.) so that we can get these items on order.

Our designer will schedule additional meetings to make the rest of your selections. We always encourage your selections to be made over the course of multiple appointments, rather than one long session, to limit decision fatigue. Also for your benefit, the majority of the selections can be made right at our in-office Design Center.  

Pre-Construction Meeting

Before we officially break ground on your new home, we will have a pre-construction meeting to get everyone on the Cypress team up to speed on your project. This meeting is where we will review locations for your utilities and mechanicals, sign off on the proposed site plan, and exchange contact information for all relevant parties. 

Dig Day

It has all been planning and preparations up until this point, but this is the day your new home truly starts! 

Rough-In Walk-Through

Once your home is framed up and enclosed, it is time for the rough-ins for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Prior to these trades starting, you will do a walk-through with your project manager and interior designer to go over the locations for switches, outlets, vents and more.  Once the rough-in work and insulation are complete, a Building Performance Consultant will verify the home is meeting all the Focus on Energy New Homes standards.  


Build Process 4 Move-IN

Your new home is nearing completion. It's time to get ready for the handover of keys! Before we can give you the keys there are a few things that need to happen.

Occupancy Permit

At the end of each new home project, an occupancy permit must be granted by the local municipality in order for the home to be lived in. The Cypress team will coordinate with the inspector to ensure that all requirements for occupancy are met and the home is deemed safe for residents. A copy of this permit is often needed by a lender for final approvals.

Focus on Energy Certification

After the construction is complete, the Building Performance Consultant will come through again to inspect and test your new home as part of the New Homes Certification through Focus on Energy. Testing ensures proper performance of the air sealing, insulation, ventilation and combustion equipment in your home. Once the testing confirms compliance with the program, the home is certified. A report on the specific performance of your home will be mailed to you, normally within a few weeks of certification.

Final Walk-Through

Once the home has been cleaned, you will do a walk-through of the home with a Cypress team member. This meeting is the show you how to use certain features of the new home, as well as answer any questions you may have. 

Final Payment

Prior to handing you the keys, the project must be paid for in full. This means we will put together a final change order to balance out any remaining allowances to show the final contract amount due. The change order will be accompanied by a draw authorization that shows no balance due upon payment. Should there be any items that are not complete (such as a concrete driveway in the wintertime), the funds for those items would be put in an escrow account and held there until the work is able to be completed.

Build Process 5 Service After the build

Just because your new home is complete, doesn't mean our relationship ends.

Home Warranty

Each Cypress home comes with a 1-year home warranty. Rest assured, if an issue arises with the quality or workmanship of your new home our team will be there to address the concern.