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Signs of Moisture Problems in Your Home

Mold, Mildew or Musty Odors Mold and mildew often occur when there is a water leak somewhere in the house. This can happen on the roof, in the foundation, in a crawlspace under the house, or even in shower walls if they aren’t properly sealed. The key to getting rid of musty odors is to identify the source of a water leak. If the source isn’t obvious, call in a professional.... Read More »

Make Life Easier: Create a Cleaning Schedule (Part 1)

Are you the type of person that allows dirty clothes, used dishes, and clutter to just pile up until it gets to the point when you’re forced to take a whole day or weekend to clean it all up? Or are you tired of having a friend drop by for an unexpected visit and you’re embarrassed to let them see the monstrosity of a mess swallowing up your house?... Read More »


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