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Price Per Square Foot is an Awful Comparison for Home Builders

When a new home buyer first meets with me, nearly without fail, one of the first questions they ask is "what's your price per square foot?" As a home builder this question makes me cringe. Its not because I'm afraid to answer it, but because I know just how unreliable that number can be when assessing home builders.... Read More »

Smart Kitchen Cabinet Features to Consider in Your New Home

Customize Your New Kitchen To Fit Your Needs One of the biggest benefits of building a new custom home is being able to add features that help make your life easier. Cypress Homes is a custom homebuilder that has built homes throughout Northeast Wisconsin since 1994, so we've seen a lot... Read More »

5 Practical Smart Home Upgrades

Smart Home Technology has exploded over the past few years. Everything from appliances to door knobs to showers come with smart home options. At Cypress Homes, we've been incorporating some of the most practical smart home features into our new homes. We've researched hundreds of options and settled on these 5 smart home features that are practical enough for any home.... Read More »

Keeping Your Home Clean & Sanitized

During times of heightened health concerns, it's important to keep your home clean and sanitized. Sometimes it feels like staying healthy is out of your control, however you do have control over the cleanliness of your home. There are many preventative measures that you can take to decrease the likelihood of getting sick. Sanitizing your home is a great place to start in the fight against illness.... Read More »

Fall Home Prep Tips For Wisconsin

The Autumn season in Wisconsin is generally a good time to start preparing your home for the inevitable colder climate. This checklist will help you and your home prepare for the harsh Wisconsin winter.... Read More »

Building vs Buying an Existing Home

Is it better to build a new home or buy an existing home? This is a question many people are facing when looking for their next home. The answer depends on your situation and what you prioritize in a new home. We organized some of the major factors to consider... Read More »

Light Bulbs: Little Details, Big Cost Differences

The type of light bulbs you use in your home can have a big impact on your energy costs each month. Traditional incandescent light bulbs have been fading in place of more efficient products like compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and light emitting diodes (LED), but what’s the difference?... Read More »

4 Home Features That Actually Pay for Themselves

When building a new home, there’s an endless list of potential features. It’s important to factor in the long-term costs associated with the features you choose. This list shows you 4 of the home features that pay for themselves with energy savings over time. Smart Thermostat Whether it’s a Nest... Read More »

Foggy Winter Windows May Have Nothing To Do With The Windows

Each year when the temperature dips below zero, we inevitably receive warranty calls about faulty windows. Windows that were performing perfectly well are now covered in condensation. These homeowners don’t actually have a window problem, they have a humidity problem. The extreme cold air outside causes the window panes... Read More »

Using Pinterest to Build your Home

Pinterest is great for many things, but one thing that it’s really helpful for is creating a wish list for your dream home! If you plan on building a home, you’ll want to come up with a list of wants, needs and desires. Wants are things that you would like... Read More »

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