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Monica’s Apartment

If you’ve seen the TV series Friends, you are aware of Monica’s envy-worthy apartment. It has so much character, a lot of mix-match furniture, decor and details that make it a very charming place. Fun fact: In the show, each character has lived in the apartment at one point. Of course it’s part of a TV set, but we can still pretend that it’s real and use it for home inspiration!

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It is uncommon for homeowners to decide to paint a room in their home purple, but it looks fabulous on the walls and trim in this eclectic apartment. This specific purple just goes with everything else in the home and brings it all together. In love with this color? Try Benjamin Moore – 1399 Seduction!

Bright blue-teal kitchen cabinets and the peculiar one set of yellow cabinets in the kitchen along the exposed brick wall in the kitchen compliment each other really well. Secret: the “exposed brick” is actually just brick wallpaper! If your cabinets need a little work and you love this look, you can DIY your own cabinets and shelving by painting them. I suggest buying a primer, the paint color of your choice and a finish that you prefer (there are lots of choices: from matte to semi-gloss to a gloss finish!). You can get paint from any home improvement store near you. If you need help finding what you need, explain your project to an employee and they’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

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Getting back to Monica’s kitchen, there’s a reason red, blue and yellow are called “complementary colors”. They look great in this sitcom kitchen!

The round checkered wood table is surrounded by mix-match chairs prove that not everything in a home has to match. It’s an awesome trend to follow if you want to purchase that random table that you fell in love with at a thrift store. Again, this trend is also shown in the living room with the different couches, chairs and various tables. We love this TV home because although we build new homes, it gives it a lived-in, homey feel that says, “welcome home”.

Each object has it’s place in this quirky, envy-worthy apartment. If you’d like to know even more about the apartment, check out “Monica’s Apartment” on Friends Wiki, here. Another fun fact: Friends aired in 1994, the same year Cypress Homes was started.

Here’s a really great article that shows you how you can recreate the look of Monica’s apartment. 

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