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July 2017 Poll Results

On Mondays and Fridays we post a poll on Facebook with 3-4 photos from homes where you are able to choose the photo of the room, detail, etc. that you most prefer through liking/commenting on the photo you like best. With that being said… You voted, we counted up the results and now we’re sharing our July 2017 poll results!

Throughout the month of July, you voted on your favorite: home exterior, your favorite rooms in the Brookridge and Westridge, tile shower, bathroom, kitchen, laundry space and front door! Read on to learn more about the winners!

#1. Exterior: Amberwood

This Amberwood home dominated the Ridgewood and Cedarwood with 71% of the votes on this poll. This two story home features cultured stone on the lower half of the front siding of the home. The rest of the siding has varying hues of gray with vertical and horizontal siding, which gives it an interesting and textured look. The white colored pillars and white garage doors give this home exterior a nice, contrasting design.

If you love the way it looks on the outside, take a look inside the virtual tour: 

#2. Brookridge Room:

Many would say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the poll agrees. Given the option to choose between the bedroom, great room and kitchen – this kitchen won by 86% of the votes! This kitchen features a great balance of color with the white cabinets and drawers along with the darker features in the island and lighting fixtures. This home’s floor plan allows open access to the great room and dining area, which makes this home perfect for entertaining guests and being able to enjoy it at the same time!

#3. Westridge Room: 57%

And yet again, the kitchen wins! This proves that the kitchen is definitely the heart of the home. Coming out on top by 57% of the votes, this kitchen’s features are definitely what gives it it’s character. The white custom shaker style cabinets look great against the outstanding backsplash with the varying dark tan colored subway tile. The dark granite counter top look amazing on top of the white drawers and cabinets and on top of the dark wood kitchen island! This home is also open to the dining area, perfect for entertaining your favorite guests!

#4. Tile Shower: Edgewood

This tile shower has a lot of different design elements going on, which makes this shower beautiful and unique! The tile is a warm, and relaxing color with a nice gradient to it. Featured in the shower is smaller white diamond shaped tiles in the niche where soaps and things go and along the wall lined up with the shower head, which breaks up the design quite tastefully and looks great! To top it all off, the glass door adds a lot of class to the entire shower. You can see the entire design of the shower without having to open a frosted glass door – or even slide a shower curtain! This shower won by 42% of the votes.

#5. Bathroom: Westridge 54%

This fresh and airy bathroom won by 54% of the votes. The light neutral color looks great with the dark features like the mirror casing and the dark granite counter top. The generous amount of drawers and cabinets are perfect for storing anything you may need in a bathroom! Towel hooks to the left of the shower make it a convenient place to grab a towel after cleaning off.

#6. Kitchen: Westridge

This kitchen received a lot of love this

month. It won the kitchen poll by 57%, see #3!

#7. Laundry Space: Brookridge 77%

This awesome laundry space won by 77% of the votes! The neutral colors allow this room not to get too busy – you know, because laundry can be very busy.. The built ins are perfect for stowing away laundry bins instead of having them on the ground causing a safety hazard and saving space. The rod can be used for temporary storage for your “hanging clothes” or you can use it to dry the items you’re not supposed to put through the dryer. The counter is perfect for a folding station, so that everything can be done in the laundry room before the clothes go off to their separate “homes”, like your children’s bedrooms.

#8. Front Door: Karalyn 71%

This door must look pretty welcoming, considering it won by 71% of the votes! The neutral warm colors surround the dark door.

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