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Home Improvement—Summer Style!

Summer is here so you can finally heat up the charcoal and enjoy relaxing summer nights.  But what could you be doing during the day to improve your home?

Whether it is routine maintenance or a new addition, home improvement projects can add home value and make living their much more enjoyable.  Some of these tasks can be completed in a matter of minutes, while others require a significant amount of time.

Five Minute or Fewer Tasks

Air Filters- Although sometimes forgotten about, changing air filters throughout the home is a simple but valuable task.  With a clean air filter, the air conditioning unit will not have to work as hard to push air throughout your home.

Air Leaks- Check for air leaks around the home.  These are most commonly found around windows and doors.  With the A/C running routinely, sealing up problem areas around the home can reduce the time your A/C runs, reducing costs dramatically.

Decks- If you have a deck, make sure and give it a once over now that summer is starting.  Check for loose nails, screws, and rotting wood.  Also make sure to power wash it at least once a season.

Roofs- Check your roof for any problems. Call a roofing contractor to get help with your roofing issues.  Curling shingles and discoloration are what to look for.  This check-up can make sure the rain stays outside of the home.

Possible Summer Projects — Building Ideas

An Awning is the Way to Go- An outdoor awning has many functions to help improve your life.  Awnings protect you from harmful UV rays which can lead to skin cancer.  Without direct constant sunlight, outdoor furniture lasts longer and does not fade as quickly.  Awnings are available in both fabric and metal.  The fabric option allows for the awning to be retractable.  Awnings come in all different colors and sizes.  An awning could cover an entire patio, or a smaller awning used over windows and/or doors can keep the sun out.  Not to mention rain, snow, and ice when the weather changes.

Installing a Deck/Patio- Spending time outside is what summer is all about, so lay down some concrete or add on a deck and invite some friends over for a BBQ, drinks, and good times.  Putting up outdoor lighting and even outdoor heaters will let you have more fun longer into the night.  A portable fireplace is always a bonus.

Don’t Forget to Water, Just Not Too Much

With the mercury rising in the 90’s, and most lawns start to turn from green to yellow.  Watering your lawn, gardens, and flower beds can be crucial to their survival.  However just because lawns need water, do not over do it.  Even in these hot temps, it is not necessary to water plants on a daily basis.  More plants are killed from over-watering than under-watering.  The amount you water can depend on the soil that your home is located on.  Loose, softer soils will not need as much water, where as harder clay/sandy soils will need more than the usual.  A simple way to detect the type of soil in your area is by taking a shovel and looking and what you have to work with eight inches under.

How To Build an Energy Efficient Home

Add Insulation- Adding insulation to the home after considering the options for attic insulation for sale at Insulation4US helps to keep the home much cooler during the summer months, and much warmer during the winter months.

Solar Panels- Provide heating and hot water all year round.  You can even make money and receive a grant for installing solar panels.

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