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November Space of the Month: Kitchens

A kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home.” It’s a room you utilize every day, multiple times a day, and a great space to host and entertain guests. There are many kitchen features that can give you the perfect modern kitchen with every home amenity you desire.

Kitchen Island

islands come in many different shapes and sizes. There are perimeter islands, center islands or a combination of the two. Center islands are a very popular kitchen trend. Many of our islands also having available seating, which is perfect for a quick breakfast or for entertaining. Islands can also be composed of different materials, a few options include: laminate, granite or quartz.

Granite is our most popular kitchen counter trend right now. It comes in various colors and designs, allowing for nearly endless options and combinations for your dream kitchen.

Tile Backsplash

Just like a kitchen island, tile backsplashes come in various shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. Each backsplash has a distinct look and can be the perfect kitchen accent. Backsplashes can be a feature just above your stove, between the stove and oven hood or they can be featured on all kitchen walls between the cabinets and counters.

Tile is also great for easy maintenance! If you splash or spill on the tile, a simple wipe down is usually all that is required.


A large pantry is a feature many homeowners ask for. It provides a space to store items without having them displayed on kitchen shelves or counters.

Some pantries are actual rooms, just off the kitchen. Others are large cabinets integrated into the rest of the kitchen’s storage. Having many shelves and racks to put food and other items on helps keep your kitchen organized and less cluttered.

Painted or Stained Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are something every kitchen has. Having plenty of storage space is high on many homeowners’ wishlist and that will never go out of style! Organization is key in a kitchen.

A common debate is if you prefer painted cabinets, stained cabinets or even a combination of the two. In our Twitter poll regarding this debate, 80{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} of voters said they preferred stained cabinets!

Even beyond paint or stain, there is the question of color. Light stain gives the room a warm, airy look; while dark stain gives the room a more formal, bold look. Currently, white painted cabinets are a big kitchen trend, but pops of color in the cabinetry is also starting to show up.

Built-In Appliances

Built-in appliances seamlessly blend in with the kitchen cabinets, perfectly fitting into the space. Stainless steel continues to be the finish of choice for kitchen appliances. It gives the kitchen a modern and updated look.

Having built-in appliances also allows you to maximize your kitchen space and helps with easy maintenance and clean up.

To find out which kitchen is the best fit for you, take our quiz!

To see more kitchen ideas by Cypress Homes visit our kitchen idea book on Houzz!


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