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Picture Perfect: Our top-rated Houzz® photos

Houzz® is an online platform dedicated to sharing pictures of home construction. It is an excellent resource for gathering inspiration for your next home project. Below are the most popular photos from Cypress Homes' designs as ranked by Houzz®.

Let's take a look and get inspired!


This industrial, modern wood shelving adds the ideal accent to enhance any kitchen. It offers limitless possibilities for decorating. 





This well-crafted bathroom features a classic faucet, complemented with a wooden drawer system. The flooring is the perfect touch that elevates this space with its flawless design. Its seamless integration ties the entire bathroom together, creating an aesthetic that is both inviting and visually striking. 



This tile shower featuring beautiful tile designs was crafted with details that will keep its charm for years to come.



This luxurious entryway is a dream for families on the go. Featuring a charming locker system with drawers, overhead cubbies, and a catch-all, providing plenty of storage so that everything has a home. The flooring is made from an eye-catching herringbone tile. This stylish entryway is perfect for busy families with its clever storage solutions and impressive design. 



Our number one picture is a master bathroom vanity. This vanity is not only visually appealing but also has ample storage for all your essentials. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this perfect blend of rustic charm and contemporary convenience?


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All our top photos on Houzz® come from a custom-built Magnolia model, which sought to capture the essence of a fixer-upper modern farmhouse.

To see a full tour of this custom house, visit our virtual tours page or click the button below: 

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