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8 Things to Think About Before Choosing a Landscaper

Choosing a landscaper can be difficult, you want the best but without spending your whole bank account. It’s important to really think about who you want doing your landscaping because it’s something that you, and your neighbors, are going to have to look at everyday.

There are 8 things that a homeowner should think about before choosing a landscaper:

1 – Choosing A Professional Landscape Designer for Your Budget – The first step that should ultimately be taken is to define a budget, therefore you have an idea of what you want to spend and what you are able to get for that. Once you know your budget and have an idea in mind you can begin to consider landscaping companies. When talking to landscape companies ask a lot of questions, especially about previous work.

2 – An Internal Design Team – You want to choose a landscaping company that has a designer, someone who can help you plan out exactly what you want. A lot of landscaping companies have landscapers who are knowledgeable and trained in design so they are with you through the entire process.

3 – Design Preview – Before any work begins or any checks are signed ask for a preview or drawing of the actual design.

4 – Experience in the Landscaping Industry – Choose a landscaping company who has been in the industry for a substantial amount of time. The benefit of this is that you know that they know what they are doing and have had a lot of experience.

5 – Offers a Complete Landscaping Package – Make sure that the company can provide more than just plant services, a lot of landscaping designs calls for pathways, water features, patio services, and much more.

6 – Guarantee on Plants – Sometimes a plant just doesn’t survive being transplanted.  For this reason it is a good idea to choose a landscaping company that offers a guarantee on all plants.

7 – Guarantee on Hardscapes and Lighting – Things can break so make sure that the company also offers a guarantee on hardscapes and lighting.

8 – Follow-Up and Maintenance – Be sure that your landscaper will be available to answer any questions and offer you service after the project is complete.

Before rushing out and quickly choosing a landscaper think about these 8 tips. To learn more about what to consider before choosing your landscaper click here!

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