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5 Reasons to be Thankful for a New Home

5 Reasons to be Thankful for a New Home

1. Everything is New, Duh

Who doesn’t love the feeling you get when you get something brand new? Well with a new home virtually everything you see is “fresh out of the box.” Get that tingly feeling over and over again!

2. Healthy, More Comfortable Living

Today’s homes are being built to strict standards.  State-of-the-art HVAC systems help reduce the number of allergens floating around in your home.  They also allow you to control the temperature and humidity levels with remarkable ease and consistency.

3. Lower Utility Bills

Building techniques and technology have increased the efficiencies of new homes.  The costs of heating and cooling a new home are less than a comparable sized older home.  New ENERGY STAR® appliances use less electricity and water. These efficiencies equate to less money being paid out each month.

4. Safety

Advancements in technology have made all areas of the home safer and more secure. Security devices can now detect a wide range of potentially harmful situations (smoke, carbon monoxide, power loss, etc.) and the ability to notify you in a number of different ways, both while in the home and when away.

5. Local Builder, Local Jobs

 Choosing a local home builder provides more jobs within the area and helps stimulate the economy. According to the NAHB, building just 100 average single-family homes generates more than 300 jobs and nearly $9 million in taxes and revenue for state, local and federal governments that supports local schools and communities.

If you are having problems with your existing home you can just call Water Mold Fire Restoration to make it as good as new.

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