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10 Tips for Entertaining on Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner it’s time to start making plans for the big day. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, or are a seasoned veteran, preparations can be a daunting task. We have put together 10 easy to follow tips to help make hosting Thanksgiving run a little smoother.

1) Accept Help From Others

It seems like a simple concept, but there is a common misconception that the host has to do everything. This is not true. One thing you can do is ask for help preparing dinner. Many guests would like to help out, it makes them feel included. Also, don’t underestimate contributions from the children. Channel all that extra energy the younger ones have into something that helps you out!

2) Search For Deals In Advance

By searching for deals ahead of time, you can actually save a good amount of money by buying items you need when they are on sale. Shopping early will also allow you to avoid the rush. You better believe that the days leading up to Thanksgiving everyone will be looking for the perfect turkey or pie for dessert. Finally, if you wait until the last second to shop, there is a risk of the store being out of the items you need.

3) Start Cooking Preparations The Day Before

You can save precious time on Thanksgiving Day by starting your food preparations a day in advance. Here are a couple suggestions of things you could easily do the day before:

• Bake your deserts. It can be hectic to try and bake everything at once, especially if your desserts require using the oven.

• Cut your vegetables and potatoes. This is a simple way to save a good chunk of time on Thanksgiving Day. (When peeling potatoes the day before, put them in a bowl of water and place in fridge. This will prevent them from turning brown.)

4) Invite Guests Early

Inviting people early has two benefits. First, it lets you to know how many people you’ll be hosting so you can plan accordingly. Second, it gives your guests time to check their calendar. Thanksgiving is a busy time for people, and they may receive many Thanksgiving invitations.  Asking early improves the likelihood they can attend.

5) Ask Guests To Bring A Dish

You don’t have to be responsible for providing all of the food. Guests are typically willing to bring a dish or two. Make sure you keep a running tab of who is bringing what, otherwise you may end up with 6 bowls of mashed potatoes!

6) Ask About Dietary Needs

Make sure you ask guests about dietary needs. You don’t want your great aunt to have an allergic reaction to a certain spice you used. If you aren’t sure what type of dish to serve with certain types of allergy restrictions, simply ask for suggestions.

7) Clean Your House

Make sure to start cleaning your house a few days in advance. This is just another thing that you will not have to worry about on the big day. Also, make sure your kitchen is clean and organized. Chances are you’ll be rushing around making dinner preparations on Thanksgiving, so having a clutter free kitchen will make it easier to maneuver.

8) Plan For Children

If small children are going to be present, make sure they have something to do. That way they aren’t looking for you to entertain them and keep you from your other hosting duties. Be sure to pick activities that are not going to create a big mess and can be enjoyed by all ages. If you are not good with kids, see about delegating this task to someone who is, someone will probably be more then willing to help out.

9) Keep Things Simple

Don’t spend hours stressing out about the little details. For example, the house doesn’t need to be spotless, nor the decorations perfect. Guests are there to have fun and enjoy time with family and friends, not critique your hosting abilities.

10) Enjoy Yourself 

Most importantly enjoy yourself.  Take time to enjoy the company of family and friends, after all that’s what holidays are all about!

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