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10 Reasons to Build with Cypress Homes

A common question we get from potential customers is, “why should we build with Cypress Homes?” So we thought we would give you 10 reasons to choose Cypress Homes for your new home project.  Here are some reasons why we are known as “The EASIEST New Home Experience”:

10 – Fast, Cost-Effective Construction

Here are Cypress we strive to give you the home of your dreams quickly and at an affordable price.  We work closely with all of our suppliers and trade partners to schedule your home project with very little down time.  Building materials are carefully calculated to minimize scrap pieces and keep costs lower.

9 – Help Selling Your Existing Home

Many people have a current home that needs to be sold before they can start building the new home of their dreams.  Along with being one of the best home builders in Appleton, Cypress Homes is also a full real estate company.  This allows us to list and sell existing homes for our customers.  As a courtesy to those building with us, we offer to sell their current home at a lower commission rate.

8 – Short-Term Housing During Build

Another common headache when building is where to live until your new home is finished.  Since it usually takes about 3 months to build a new home it is sometimes difficult and expensive to find short-term housing.  Cypress makes this transition a little easier by helping you find a place to stay and even helping with the rent during the months you are building.


7 – Turn-Key Financing

With today’s stricter credit requirements for home loans, acquiring a traditional construction loan can be difficult.  In those situations Cypress Homes can offer a turn-key construction option, where the home is built to the customers specifications and then sold as a finished property.  This allows the customer more flexibility in the type of loan program they can use.

6 – Help with Plan Design, 3D Renderings, & Lot Selection

While everyone comes in at a different point in the planning process, Cypress Homes is able to help every step of the way.  If you haven’t decided on a floor plan, Cypress has a large library of home plans to look through for inspiration.  Once you have an idea of what you want your new home to be, the plans can be drawn up specifically for you.  Many people have a hard time visualizing their new homes, so Cypress is able to create a basic 3D home rendering to give customers a better feel for their new home before construction.  Residential lot selection is another area that Cypress Homes can assist with.  It is important to find a home site that is able to meet your needs, desires, and overall budget.  Over the years we have developed relationships with the land developers in the area and can often times negotiate a better price if you approached them on your own.

5 – On-site Custom Homes Design Center & Interior Designer

Build a new home can be a stressful and intimidating task.  To help, Cypress Homes offers an in-office Custom Home Design Center to make many of the selection decisions for your home.  Being able to make most of those decision in one place reduces the time and stress that comes with driving around to different supplier’s showrooms.  Cypress also has an interior designer on staff to help guide you through the process.

4 – Focus on Energy’s New Homes Program

Energy efficiency is an ever growing concern in today’s world.  That is why Cypress Homes has teamed up with Focus on Energy’s New Homes Program.  All new homes built by Cypress follow the New Homes Program standards, which guarantees the home will be at least 10{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} more energy efficient than homes built to Wisconsin standard residential building code.  Most of Cypress homes test out to be between 20-30{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} more efficient! This means you will save money each month on your energy bills.

3 – Local Builder, Local Jobs

Cypress Homes is a local company that works with local trade partners and suppliers.  This means that the money you invest into your new Cypress home is reinvested right back into the local community.  A recent study showed that over 3,200 Wisconsin jobs are supported by new home construction. It is one of the best ways to stimulate a weak economy.

2 – Friendly, Knowledgable Staff

Enough can’t be said about working with people who truly love what they do.  That is exactly what you get with the Cypress Homes Team.  While each staff member has their own area of specialty, they also have a general knowledge of the overall building process.  Often times any of the team members are able to answer a question about your build.  This close-knit team makes sure that your home project is carried out efficiently, effectively and exactly how you want it!

1 – Reputation & Tradition of Quality Homes

Building a new home will likely be the biggest purchase you make in your lifetime.  For such an important investment you want to make sure you entrust your build to the right company.  Cypress Homes has been building beautiful, quality homes in the Fox Cities area since 1994 and has a long list of past homeowners who are happy to share their building experiences.  Cypress was recently named a top 3 finalist for the Post Crescent’s “Best of the Valley” readers’ choice award in the Residential Builder category.

There you go, a 10 point answer to a very common question.  There are many more reasons to choose Cypress Homes to build your new home. We would love to sit down to discuss all your options so please call us at 920-734-2324 or stop in our office at 1500 W. College Avenue in Appleton.

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