Customer Testimonials

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Bob & Laura – Testimonial

“We have been looking to build for several years and Cypress stood out to us as each time we toured a home they built that the design, layout and all details were well thought through. Also, the quality of each home was always above the other builders we have seen. During each open house there was a representative (usually Greg) to take us through the details of the home, energy certifications they build to and other details that is considered for each home. All of this led us to selecting Cypress to build the home of our dreams.

Selling our current home was very easy and Greg always made time to come over for pictures or to follow up on offers. He was also a great source of knowledge for what we should list our house for and how to work through multiple offers and counter offers. He would give the pros and cons of each approach and let us determine which path we wanted to take. He was also able to explain all of the paperwork involved and what each piece meant in detail and how he has seen it used in the past. It was a great experience and we sold our house quickly for a good price.

We were also impressed when we closed or getting a loan with our bank how we were asked several questions about our potential builder and when we mentioned Cypress, they would say to us they had no worries and the process would be smooth as it always is when they work with Cypress. That is always a relief to hear that they have a great reputation with the banks, title companies and customers.

Picking out all of our items for our home was exceptionally easy. Taya had all of the items prepared for us for what we needed to decide on and had examples to show us of almost all items we were selecting. Some items she even had examples of how they were used in another home Cypress had built, so you could get the larger perspective. After our first meeting, she was even able to learn our styles and give suggestions of what we would like, and she was right most of the time. She was also able to help us think through details of the items and how each was used to give us new perspectives on what we were selecting. She was also there to help us tie our items together, so when we picked our carpet, she had out the paint, surrounding flooring, and fireplace colors so we could compare to it. It made a lot of detail seem easy to select and we love the result!

The construction process was quick and several of the contractors we met were amazing to work with as well. They would ask anything that seemed off in the plan and verified what we actually wanted. As a side note, we loved our framer and he was quick, did an amazing job and was able to walk us through any items he thought we might want to change. The entire build itself was pretty hands off for us, but it was great to visit the house and see the progress each week. The only thing I would have liked is a little more contact with when certain things were happening on the build so we knew to prepare or if there was something that we wanted to discuss prior to items being put in we would know the general timeline.”