Customer Testimonials

Cypress Homes


Becky – Testimonial

“I wanted to write to you to share our experience building a home through
Cypress. This was the third and biggest home we have built, two were other
builders. By far this was the best experience and here is why:

Shannon and Chris. These two employees are exceptional. They are the face
of your company that we dealt with the most and I wanted to call them out as
stellar. They go above and beyond every day. We at first were not going
to build with Cypress and then we met Shannon. She took us on a weekend day
to houses and we didn’t find anything we liked. We were cranky and tired out
and she said just one more which was way on the other side of Appleton in
Harrison. We followed her and the rest is history. We saw that home and
said wow we want that but at a different price. She was able to work it and
change it so it was in our price range. She recommended us taking options
that weren’t so fun like pumping and extra concrete and things like that
when it would have been easy for her to be a yes gal and not make them just
to get a sale. These were really good recommendations. She is so patient,
kind and professional. She Is the reason we signed the contract with
Then we gave her a date we needed to be in the home by and it was met. That
is almost impossible with a winter build weather etc and we really
appreciate it and know a lot of work went into achieving that date by the
entire Cypress team. She is a fabulous employee and I hope you recognize her
and appreciate her like we do.

Next is Chris the project manager. He is stellar too. He is “Johnny on the
spot awesome”! Always friendly and cheerful and calm while busting his
butt every day. He gave us warm fuzzies all the time so did Shannon when we
were stressing and made sure things were getting done and if there was an
issue he took care of it. He also went above and beyond the call of duty.
When we did the switch around on the master bath he made it happen in like
five days and that was awesome!!!!!! He swept stuff up when nobody else did
and was just excellent. I hope you recognize him that he is in the trenches
and on the front lines and makes it all come together on multiple jobs at
the same time.

When you build you are always going to have issues etc. I feel like the
issues we had that Shannon talked to you about were treated fairly and
appreciate the way they all were handled.

Would I build with Cypress again absolutely.
Would I recommend them yes!!!!!!”