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January Space of the Month: Powder Rooms

A powder room is a small space but you want it to be well organized and decorated because this is the bathroom guests will primarily use. Below are different types of sinks and counters to choose from as well as color schemes.


Sink TypesThere are three types of sinks primarily used in the powder room: under-mount, vessel and pedestal.

An under-mount sink (right) is mounted below a solid surface countertop, so the sink hangs underneath the counter, not set on top of it. This style of sink draws more focus to the nice countertop instead of the sink.

A vessel sink (top left) sits on top of the counter and can come in many shapes and sizes. They can be square or circular and vary in depth.  Some can be recessed while others lie completely on the surface. Vessel sinks can be a stand out piece in the powder room that are also very functional.

Finally, a pedestal sink (bottom left) has a column-like base with a basin mounted on it. A pedestal sink is easy to install when it comes in two pieces. This style of sink is great for small spaces where there may not be room for a larger piece.

Cabinet Type

Untitled designThe two main styles of cabinets in powder rooms are standard cabinets or furniture-style cabinets.

The difference is a standard cabinet usually has cabinet doors that enclose the space below the counter. A furniture-style piece typically has open shelving and is usually not attached to the wall.

Pedestal sinks don’t typically have any storage cabinet included since the sink stands alone.

Counter Type

Untitled design (19)There are three types of countertops primarily used in the powder room: granite, quartz and laminate.

Granite (bottom left) is the countertop material used most frequently in our powder rooms. This has been a popular trend for both home builders and buyers for years. Granite is a coarse-grained rock that is very durable. The durability, shine and unique texture give it a high-end look. Being that it is a natural product, no two pieces are ever the same.

Quartz (right) is usually the most expensive of the three materials, but is said to resist stains better than almost anything else. A manufactured product, quartz comes in many different colors and patterns. It has a beautiful look very similar to granite, but with more consistency from piece to piece.

Laminate (top left) is the most cost-effective of the 3 materials. Although not as hard as granite or quartz, this material is still fairly durable. It come in a nearly endless variety of patterns and colors. Recent advances with this product have made it a better option that can make the counter still feel trendy.  It has the added benefit of being easily changed out down the road due to it’s low cost.

Color Scheme and Accent Wall

IMG_4290Color schemes are often based off the overall feel of the home. Many of our powder rooms incorporate both light and dark selections to create an effective contrast in the space.

Powder rooms are a great space for doing some sort of accent wall. It’s a relatively small area, but highly visible to your guests. Whether the accent is a different color or a different material, such as shiplap or tile, it’s meant to add interest to the room.

This bathroom in one of our Ridgewood homes incorporates both a light and dark color scheme. The sink and toilet are bright white while the floor and framed mirror are a dark stain. This space also incorporates a shiplap style accent wall 3/4 of the way up, with a bold “Halcyon Green” color above. The contrasting colors really makes this powder room special.

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