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September 2017 Facebook Poll Results

October 4, 2017
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Every week we post polls to our Facebook page where our followers can vote on their favorite photo of the room, feature, detail, etc. that they like best. In order to vote on these polls, followers must “like” the photo they favor out of the three choices given. Each “like” is equal to one vote. Throughout the month of September, our followers voted on their favorite: great room, kitchen, bedroom windows, bathroom flooring, Tamarack exterior, kitchen island, powder room and backsplash.

With that being said…

The votes are in, we counted up the results and now we’re sharing our September 2017 poll results.

Read on to learn more about the winners!

Great Room: Magnolia

This great room gives off a light and airy feel because of the multiple windows and light paint color and white shiplap on the walls. It’s no wonder this room won with 81{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} of the votes. The built in book cases and drawers around the stone fireplace give this room a +1 for storage space! The many features presented in this great room could make anyone want to hang around this space. The Magnolia has an open-concept floor plan, so this room is connected to the dining and kitchen areas!


KitcheN: Custom & Karalyn

A TIE! Both of these kitchens shown below won with 42{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} of the votes.

Can we just take a second to talk about how beautiful this floor is?! The color really pops and lightens up the space which makes the flooring in the kitchen (and throughout the home) a stand out feature! The cabinets and drawers in this kitchen are seriously unique because they strayed away from the usual dark or light and went for a more bold greenish-gray choice. Did you notice that they match the kitchen island too? The color really brings the room together and looks fabulous with the stainless steel appliances! The light fixtures bring in a very classy touch and complete the entire look of this custom kitchen.

One word to describe this kitchen: Rustic. The dark wood features give this kitchen a sense of warmth and the brick wall to the right gives it a lot of texture! This open-concept floor plan makes it simple to entertain within this kitchen. It boasts beautiful granite counter tops and the perfect sized kitchen island where you can prepare meals as well as enjoy them in the same spot. The large farmhouse-style sink makes cooking and cleaning a breeze!


Bedroom Windows: Westridge

This master bedroom has the perfect windows, so it’s no wonder that it won with 81{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} of the votes (not to mention the view from this room is fantastic)! This bedroom has three slider windows side by side which gives the allusion of one, great big window. It allows for the perfect amount of lighting to come in during the day – illuminating the features of this wonderful bedroom.

Bathroom Flooring: Bellmont

Luxury vinyl plank is becoming a popular choice to place in bathrooms, and that’s exactly what’s installed into this wonderful bathroom! It’s great because luxury vinyl plank is waterproof, making it a fantastic option to put into bathrooms. The cool thing about luxury vinyl plank is that it gives the illusion of hardwood flooring, but takes a lot less upkeep than hardwood to keep it looking great! This flooring looks great and warm in contrast with the white features of the bathroom vanity. This flooring won in comparison to the other bathrooms with 44{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} of the votes.


Tamarack Exterior:

How beautiful does this Tamarack exterior look?! This home won with 65{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} of the votes. It has great, warm colors and an abundance of brick which makes this exterior homey and stylish. The garage doors resemble that of a barn, which gives this home a classic look! The contrast in colors (the dark browns and the bright whites) really make this home stand out in the best way possible. The shakes near the gables really give this home a neat, textured look.

Kitchen Island: Magnolia

This farmhouse-style kitchen island features a beautiful white colored quartz counter top. This quartz looks great in contrast with the dark handles of the drawers and cabinets. The overall light gray color looks ravishing and delights this wonderful kitchen feature. Not to mention, there’s lots of great storage space located in this large kitchen island making it a great feature to include in any kitchen! This fabulous farmhouse kitchen island won with 79{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} of the votes – and rightfully so!

Powder Room: Magnolia & amberwood

Yet another tie! Both of these powder rooms won with 44{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} of the entire votes.

This powder room comes from a modern farmhouse style home and has a lot of great features for being a smaller room. For one, the flooring is a fantastic tile flooring with a marvelous design.  Then, you have the wooden cabinet feature that holds the large white sink . The black faucet sticks out of the shiplap style wall with it’s vintage-like twist knobs, and the mirror is perfect size with black trim around it. This powder room is perfect for a quick freshening up!

This bathroom is the definition of the perfect powder room! The vertical shiplap gives a tall illusion while the dark paint keeps this room from being overcrowded with light colors. The dark green gives it a nice pop of color. However, the white features do add a fresh, clean feeling to the entire room, which is exactly what you need in a powder room. The silver faucet breaks up the colors and makes the room feel extra shiny. The granite counter top pulls it all together as it is simple and elegant.

Backsplash: Westridge

 This charming backsplash won with 49{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} of the votes. This subway tile used has a nice, marble like design to it which makes this design fun to look at. The brown, taupe color really stands out against the white features in this kitchen and creates a unique combination with the granite counter top. It looks great in this kitchen!

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This post was written by Nicole Banta

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