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Six Reasons Why You Should Build Your Next Home

September 28, 2017
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So, you’ve found the home of your dreams: It’s in the perfect location and it’s the perfect size for you and your family, BUT there are more than a few things that need to be changed to fit your taste… Such as that awful outdated vinyl kitchen floor, or those hideous colors that the previous owners painted all of the walls (and we mean ALL OF THEM), you’d also prefer hardwood flooring over that carpet that you despise, and maybe those kitchen cabinets could use a little refurbishing, and perhaps that master bathroom is a little too outdated for you, the list could go on and on…Buying an existing home that fits all of your needs that is also tasteful to you is sometimes near impossible. It’s likely that there’s always something that will be changed (Just take a look at the photo to the left… That kitchen needs a whole lotta lovin’). There’s also that chance that there is something wrong with the home that won’t be mentioned to you before you purchase it, which could end up being very costly. When you decide to build a home, these things can be avoided.  Although a new home can cost (on average) up to 20{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14} more than choosing to purchase an existing home, it may be well worth it! Here are six reasons why:

#1. Everything is new and under warranty.

That’s right, absolutely everything! A warranty will cover the repair or replacement of many major home system components and appliances that typically breakdown over time due to normal wear and tear (Cypress Homes offers a one-year warranty). When you purchase an existing home, it doesn’t generally come with a warranty. So when things cause mayhem in your already existing home, the expense is on your behalf.

#2. You get to choose EVERYTHINGkitchen

When building your home, the home will have your personal touches. The flooring, counter tops, paint, exterior, lighting, appliances, plumbing, layout, cabinets, built-ins, etc. are all up to you! From the floor plan to the color of paint, everything is your choice. You don’t get this luxury when purchasing an already existing home! That beautiful kitchen you’ve always dreamed of? It’s yours!

#3. Energy and cost savings

Cypress takes part in the Focus on New Energy homes program. This program ensures the highest standards for energy. Being conscious about your energy habits will save you money in the long-run. You can put your mind at ease knowing your home will be built with the most updated technology when it comes to the energy needs of your home. This includes things like a Smart Thermostat, LED lighting and more! For more information click here. You can also choose all green appliances to keep up with the energy saving pattern! Many benefits stem from having an energy saving home. It’s good for the earth and overall good for your wallet! Need we say more?


#4. Low maintenance

Older homes need a lot of TLC, whereas new homes don’t require a lot of upkeep. Whether or not you purchase an existing home that needs a little or a lot of work, it’s still going to cost you.  It’s almost inevitable that any older home will require at least some work done to it that a new home will not. These things could include: plumbing issues, lead paint, siding repairs and updates, window replacements, animal infestation issues, roof leaks and moisture problems, sub-par roof shingles and faulty insulation…Just to name a few! Make sure that you get more than one home inspection if you’re buying an older home.


#5. Comfort and indoor air quality

Since you are the first to live there, you won’t have to worry about the different allergens and mold that can resonate within an older home. Allergens inside the home? Absolutely! Allergies are most commonly associated with the outdoors and hayfever, but if you are allergic to certain pets that the people who lived before you had, it’s possible to be allergic to your own home! You can also get sick from mold spores along with dust mites and whatever else might be lurking inside the home.

#6. No one else has lived therelaundry room

A clean slate! You will be the first to live there and the first to make memories in the home, you’ll learn about the building process and you don’t have to worry about anything that has been left behind from the previous owners. Check out this article to see what some homeowners have left behind. Did we mention that you get to choose everything to your liking? However, you won’t have previous home owners to leave appliances such as: A washing machine and dryer, a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, etc. You will have to fund these items when you build a brand new home.
With an older home you might be paying less up front, but as mentioned earlier there may be things about the home that you want to change or problems with the home that you will encounter. It is possible that you can spend up to or even more than $75,000 in remodeling. If you’re an avid HGTV watcher, like we are at Cypress Homes, you’ve seen the nightmares that can happen when updating and remodeling a home…. But maybe you’ll get lucky and only have to paint a couple of walls!

No matter what choice you make, whether you want to buy an existing home or want to build a home, buying a home is probably THE BIGGEST investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Make sure you are happy with the one you choose. Buy the home as if you’ll live in it forever, will you still love it ten years from now?

At Cypress Homes, we can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to build yourself and your family a brand new home. If you live in the area and plan on building your home, check out the “10 Reasons to Build With Cypress Homes”!

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