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11 Child Proof Safety Tips for Your Home

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Many children want to play with everything in sight and get into things they’re not supposed to be using. These home modifications and safety tips keep children from injuring themselves and allow for more convenience for children as well as reassurance for parents that their child is out of harms way.

1. Built-in Stepstool in Bathroom

built-in step stool

This build-in can help children reach the vanity to brush their teeth or look in the mirror. You are able to pull the stool in and out for easy accessibility and storage.

Cypress Design Center allows you to add this and other custom items to your home.  


2.  Replace Electrical Sockets with Child Proof Sockets


These plastic plugs can securely fit over all unused electrical outlets, keeping children’s fingers away from them.

 3. Move Plants Off the Floor

Some plants, like irises and poinsettias, are poisonous. Removing them from low surfaces will keep the plants in one piece and children poison free!

4. Install Safety Gates

Placing safety gates at the top of your stairs will prevent children from falling down. Also placing gates in-between rooms keeps children out of places they’re not allowed.   


 5. Hide Cleaning Supplies

Keeping cleaning supplies in high cabinets or in lower cabinets with locks will keep them out of children’s reach.

toilet lock

6. Install Toilet Lock Lid

This lock will keep children from reaching their hands in the toilet bowl and keep your bathroom mess and worry free!

7. Drain Water From Everywhere

Never leave water standing in bathtubs or sinks at any time because babies can drown in even a little amount of water.

8. Install Certain Handles and Locks on Doors

Special locks can prevent children from accidently locking themselves in a room and having parents hassling to get them out!

9. Keep Toys/Games in a Lidless Toy Box

This will allow children easy access to their toys and keep 

cordless window shade

them from slamming their fingers when trying to open and close a lid.

10. Install Cordless Window Shades

Cordless window shades refrain children from getting tangled in cords and eliminates a choking hazard.

11. Install Safety Banister and Railings on Stairs

This prevents children from falling down stairs and also allows them to hold onto something if they’re old enough to climb the stairs. At Cypress you can customize and design staircases, railings and woodwork. For more ideas, see our stairways, railings and wordwork ideabook at  

By purchasing or installing these 11 items, your house will be successfully child proofed and a lot safer!




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